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1- Which storage protocol is supported by vSphere?





2- Which vSphere feature provides continuous availability, allowing users to protect any virtual machine from a host failure with no loss of data or connectivity?

A. vSphere Fault Tolerance

B. vSphere vMotion

C. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility

D. vSphere HA

3- An administrator has configured a Linux virtual machine and found that it does not have network connectivity. The administrator notices this when trying to ping the default gateway and nothing comes back. The administrator needs to verify that the guest operating system is configured properly.
What is the first step that the administrator should take to meet this goal?

A. Verify that VMware Tools has been loaded on the guest operating system

B. Ping an outside source to see if you get a response

C. Confirm the link status of the virtual switch

D. Check that the virtual network adapter is present and enabled

4- An administrator has been tasked with associating multiple uplink adapters with a single switch that will share the load of traffic.
Which networking feature should the administrator configure?


B. Distributed Port Group

C. NIC Teaming

D. Host Proxy Switch

5- A company has a few virtual machines running software XYZ that only support the current CPU type. With hardware refresh, the company wants to leverage the new processor features for all VMs except for VMs running software XYZ.
Which feature meets this requirement?

A. Cluster-Level EVC

B. vSphere High Availability


D. vSphere vMotion

6- Which VMware feature would an administrator configure to migrate VMs using vSphere vMotion between ESXi hosts with different underlying CPU architectures?

A. vSphere Storage DRS

B. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)

C. vSphere HA

D. VMware Fault Tolerance

7- An administrator is browsing a datastore and notices a file with a .vmtx extension.
What are the contents of this file?

A. Virtual disk characteristics

B. Virtual machine snapshot

C. Template configuration

D. Virtual machine configuration

8- An administrator has been asked to keep domain controllers running on separate ESXi hosts.
Which type of VM/Host rule must be configured to meet this requirement?

A. Virtual Machines to Hosts

B. Virtual Machines to Virtual Machines

C. Keep Virtual Machines Together

D. Separate Virtual Machine

9- An administrator notices a virtual machine named vm01 is missing from the inventory, but the configuration files can be located.
Which file should the administrator click on to register the VM?

A. vm01.nvram

B. vm01.vmx

C. vm01.vmsd

D. vm01.vmdk

10- Which vSphere component provides continuous availability for mission-critical virtual machines so users experience no loss of data and no interruption in service during a host failure?

A. vSphere Fault Tolerance

B. vSphere vMotion

C. vSphere Replication

D. vSphere HA

11- Which name identifies a VMkernel port in a virtual networking configuration?

A. vSwitch1

B. VM Network

C. vmnic1

D. vmk1

12- Which two storage technologies can an administrator use to deploy the Virtual Machine File System (VMFS)? (Choose two.)

A. Fibre Channel storage 

B. vSAN storage

C. Virtual Volumes storage

D. NFS storage

E. iSCSI storage 

13- What is the server virtualization product that combines the ESXi hypervisor and the vCenter Server?


B. vRealize Operations Manager

C. vSphere


14- ESXi provides VLAN support by assigning a VLAN ID to which component?

A. Virtual standard switch

B. Physical network interface card (NIC)

C. Virtual distributed switch

D. Port group

15- Which two migration methods can an administrator use to move virtual machines from the SA-Dev cluster to the SA-Compute cluster? (Choose two.)

A. Cold migration of compute resource only

B. Cold migration of storage only

C. Hot migration of compute resource and storage resource

D. Hot migration of compute resource only

E. Cold migration of compute resource and storage resource

16- There are two vSphere clusters in a company environment. One cluster is hosting development workloads and another is hosting production workloads. Both vSphere clusters are managed by the same vCenter Server. The application team would like to move a new virtual machine from the development to production cluster with no downtime.
Which feature would allow non-disruptive movement between these two clusters?

A. Cross vCenter Migration

B. vSphere High Availability

C. vSphere vMotion

D. vSphere Replication

17- An administrator identifies a snapshot file named “Win10-000001-sesparse.vmdk” on a datastore. Which type of information can be determined about this datastore? (Choose the best answer.)

A. The datastore is formatted as VMFS3.

B. The datastore is formatted as VMFS6.

C. The datastore is a raw device mapping.

D. The datastore is a vSAN datastore.

18- What are two minimum disk requirements for a vSAN hybrid disk group configuration?

(Choose two.)

A. At least one magnetic data disk

B. At least one SATADOM device

C. At least two magnetic data disks

D. At least one flash device

E. At least two flash devices

19- Which two configuration tasks must be performed from the vCenter Server Management Interface? (Choose two.)

A. Add administrator accounts.

B. Add Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

C. Add a vCenter Server license.

D. Enable SSH login.

E. Change the logging level.

20- Which type of network adapter is designed to provide connectivity to hosts and handle the standard system traffic of vSphere vMotion? (Choose the best answer.)

A. VMkernel port

B. VXLAN virtual tunnel end point (VXLAN VTEP)

C. Virtual machine network interface card (VMNIC)

D. VM network

21- An IT department is decommissioning a storage array and tasks an administrator with removing a datastore from ESXi hosts. What is a prerequisite for un-mounting the datastore? (Choose the best answer.)

A. The datastore is NOT managed by Storage DRS.

B. The datastore is NOT being used by vSphere High Availability heartbeating.

C. The datastore is NOT referenced by a host profile.

D. The datastore does NOT contain powered-off virtual machines.

22- Which file format supports the exchange of virtual appliances across products and platforms?

A. FAT32




23- Which three functions are provided by Storage DRS? (Choose three.)

A. space load balancing among datastores within a datastore cluster

B. VM disk sizing recommendations for virtual machines in datastores within a datastore cluster

C. I/O load balancing among datastores within a datastore cluster

D. snapshot consolidation recommendations among datastores within a datastore cluster

E. initial placement recommendations for virtual disks based on space and I/O workload

24- Which three IP addresses may be pinged by the Test Management Network feature in the ESXi hosts DCUI? (Choose three.)

A. NTP server

B. Secondary DNS server

C. DHCP server

D. Default gateway

E. Primary DNS server

25- What are two valid iSCSI discovery methods? (Choose two.)

A. Assigned Discovery

B. Automatic Discovery

C. Static Discovery

D. LUN Masking

E. Dynamic Discovery

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