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Resetting root password for a VMware Cloud Director Cell PhotonOS appliance (eKB 00125)

To Reset the Root Password in vCD Cell 9.x or 10.x follow steps :

Same steps for passwords that have expired .

Note: Take a snapshot or backup of vCD Cell Appliance before proceeding.

1- Reboot the vCD Cell Appliance VM

2- After the vCD Photon OS starts, press the key to enter the GNU GRUB Edit Menu

3- Add these entries to the end of the line

rw init=/bin/bash

4- Press F10 to continue booting

5- Run the command

mount -o remount,rw /

 6- enter the command passwd and provide a new root password (twice for confirmation):


7- Unmount the filesystem by running  umount  command

umount /

8- Reboot the vCenter Server Appliance by running this command:

reboot -f

9- Check that you can access vCD Cell using new password

Note : Remove vCD Cell snapshot .

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