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VMware vSphere 5.5 Interview Questions Part 2 ?


VMware vSphere 5.5الجزء التانى من الاسئله الخاصه ب
vSphere 6.0 الاسئله دى كافيه ل

لمراجعه اسئله الجزء الاول
vSphere 5.5 Interview Questions Part 1

1- What’s internal standard vSwitch?

2-What are Migration Types

3-What’s new in vMotion in vSphere 5.5?

4- What’s the difference between VMFS 5 & NFS?

5- What’s Multipathing?

6-What is FDM?

7- What’s role of vSphere HA Master?

8- What’s Heartbeat Datastore in HA?

9- Why Heartbeat HA require 2 Shared Storage?

10- What’s NIC Teaming?

11- What’s VMware vLockstep?

12- What’s N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV)?

13- What’s NPT/EPT?

14- What’s Direct Console User Interface (DCUI)?

15- What’s Hypervisor swapping?

16- What’s SR-IOV?

17 – What’s OSFS?

18- What is vSAN limitation?

19-What is vSAN Requirements?

20-What’s Storage APIs?

21- What’s HBA?

22- What are MAC Address Changes?

23- What’s Forged Transmit?

24- What’s <vmname>.vmsn?

25- What are Jumbo Frames?

26- What’s Port Mirroring?

27- What’s NetFlow?

28- What’s Network I/O Control?

29- What’s Promiscuous Mode?

30- What’s MTU value?

31- What’s VM Restart Priority?

32–What’s Admission Control?

33- What’s HA Datastore Heartbeats?

34- What’s Storage I/O Control?

35- What’s CBT?

36- What’s vSphere PowerCLi?

37- What’s vSphere Web Client Plug-in?

38- What’s TPS?

39- What’s Ballooninh?

40- What’s Memory Compression?

41- What’s <vmname>-rdm.vmdk?

42- What’s <vmname>-delta.vmdk?

43- What’s <vmname>-flat.vmdk?

44- What’s <vmname>.vmss?

45- What’s CPUID mask?

46 – What’s CPU affinity?

47-What’s the difference between VCSA and vCenter Server in vSphere 5.5?

48- What happens if vCenter Server is offline when a failover event occurs?

49- Can HA work if  vCenter is offline ?

50- Can DRS work if vCenter is offline?

51- Can you do vMotion between two datacenter?

52- What is VMKernel?

53-What are the types for Network Failover Detection?


ان شاء الله نراكم فى اسئله VMware vSphere 6.0

بالتوفيق للجميع ان شاء الله
Ebrahim Aldesouky | ITSaurus


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